Glacies Technologies provides sustainable solutions for seasonal snow storage.

How about enjoying snow on the slopes or in a snow park all year long?

Glacies Technologies provides eco-friendly solutions to save snow during warm periods. For the ski industry, it is the opportunity to start the season earlier, to extend the season or even… to hold promotional events in the middle of the summer!

How?! Nothing could be easier: as winter ends, the snow is stored and insulated under the protective cover designed by Glacies Technologies. This thermally insulating screen prevents the snow from melting in the summer heat. At the desired time, you collect the preserved snow from this natural snow reserve to groom the ski trails

You can store a small amount of snow (2,000m3) for a big air event (on the date you request). You may also store large quantities of snow (30,000m3) to cover one or more slope(s) even before the temperatures are low enough for the snow guns to operate. You benefit of a snow insurance to start the ski season well and early. It is a snow warranty for all snow lovers (skiers, snow-boarders…).

Be ready for some serious winter fun!
Being able to enjoy the first snowfall is priceless!

Our solutions for seasonal snow-storage

Snow-farming is an emerging technique used by ski resorts to combat the adverse effect of warmer winters on the mountain’s snow conditions. Considering local weather conditions, it can be predicted how much snow will remain for the next season.

Glacies Technologies provides expertise for solutions with wood chips as well as solutions with the snow insulation products unique to Glacies Technologies (SnowStash®). Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can we get the technical specifications of SnowStash®?
The exact specifications will vary from site to site, considering climate conditions. We will release the technical specifications early summer 2019. Contact us to be included in our mailing list.
2What is the cost of SnowStash®?
The cost depends on the severity of the application and the surface to be protected. It is a cost per unit of surface. For us, every ski resorts that justify the use of snow cannons will be using snow storage to reduce the overall cost of snow and optimise operation.
3What is the lifespan of SnowStash®?
SnowStash is designed to have a life of at least 10 years, under normal usage conditions. Our warranty will cover any defects originating from fabrication and that should not happen during normal operation for 2-3 years. We can train your staff to optimise the lifespan of your system.
4How do we install SnowStash®? Can we install it by ourselves?
The installation of SnowStash is simple and can be done with equipment that ski resorts are already using. The ski resort staff has to be trained on how to use the product safely.
5Where should we install the SnowStash®?
SnowStash® has to be installed at the “best” location for your needs and your operational reality. If you want to cover a slope with snow, it is best to dispose a few heaps of snow on the side (or on the slope) and optimise the time required by the machinery to cover the slope. Glacies provides consulting to optimise the installation.
6How can you achieve to keep 85% of the snow in the pile?
We simply insulate the exposed snow from the hot environment. The exact yield depends on many factors. The specifications of a SnowStash for a hotter climate are different from those of a colder climate. We are able to provide estimates for a given installation.
7Where can we buy the SnowStash® product?
SnowStash® will be deployed for demonstration during the winter 2018-2019. Contact us to discuss your application. It will be possible to purchase the SnowStash product from Glacies starting summer 2019.
8How much snow can you store?
There is no practical limit. Contact us for more information.
9What about maintenance fees?
There is some cleaning required when you store the product. Also, there are some parts that have to be changed every few years at very minimum cost.
10Can we install SnowStash® on a slope?
Yes, the product is designed to be installed on a heap of snow. The product can be installed inclined. The heap of snow can also be on a slope, given adequate terrain conditions.

Start the ski season !