Glacies Technologies has developped highly innovative solutions for the ski industry as well as for refrigeration applications (cold storage).

Glacies Technologies is a high-tech company that develops and manufactures equipment for the insulation of large volumes of snow (or ice).


Our first product « SnowStash® » is designed specifically for the ski industry.
Reduce electricity and water usage
Energy-efficient system
95% of recycled plastic materials
Long-term snow and ice storage.

A snow guarantee

This system allows the insulation of snow pile at low cost. We can expect to preserve about 85% of a typical snow mound with the adequate product during the summer. This eco-responsible snow will be used at the beginning of the following winter.

Ski resort operations can accumulate a heap of snow during the winter, cover it (stash it) and reuse it a year later. Saving last year's snow is a low-cost and energy efficient way that combines well with the regular snow making and grooming operations.

SnowStash® makes it all simple and flexible. SnowStash® is the guarantee to get a jump start on the ski season. It is your snow insurance.

With SnowStash®, you get a uniform insulation performance and avoid the problems of using sawdust or wood chips.

A lack of snow at the beginning of the ski season can be brutal on this seasonal business.

Glacies Technologies will supply its equipment everywhere a lack a snow has become a reality.


Our Team

Following a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering, Maxim Bergeron began a Ph. D in the hydroelectric field.

Alternating academic and professional life, Maxim is an experienced industrial research consultant and an experienced academic researcher. Maxim has industrial experience in the field of renewable energies and worked for important players in the field.

The inspiration came while looking at urban snow disposal sites in Québec city. Those humongous heaps of snow represent a large amount of cold energy storage. That cold storage can be used for process or building cooling, at a low energy cost. The idea gained momentum and Glacies Technologies was co-founded with Mathieu Kirouac, a long-time project partner.

The profoundly innovative nature of the products engineered by Glacies Technologies and the company's environmental impact quickly attracted attention.

Co-founder of Glacies Technologies, Mathieu Kirouac is pursuing his academic career at the Université of Sherbrooke.

After a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in engineering, Mathieu Kirouac is now a doctoral student at the Institut interdisciplinaire d'innovation technologique (3IT) at Sherbrooke.

For Glacies Technologies, cold storage is a promising technology that will allow a better integration of renewable energies.

Seasonal thermal storage or long term thermal storage makes a lot of sense. The easiest application of seasonal thermal storage is in the ski industry. With the SnowStash® product, ski resorts can schedule an early start to the winter season largely independently of the weather, and can guarantee snow for a sporting event on a particular date.

Glacies’ technology makes it possible to imagine scenarios where millions of cubic meters are stored for district cooling: cooling of large buildings, datacenters, industrial process...